In order to start receiving your daily posts from Outreach Social, you first need to connect your Facebook page to your account. Follow the steps below to get started.

Log in to your Outreach Social account at
Click Add Social Schedule

Select your Ministry type from the dropdown and then mark which categories you'd like. You can choose as many categories as you'd like. Your daily post will be randomly selected from graphics in each category library. Click Select Facebook Page to continue.

To connect your Facebook page you must first be an admin on your church's Facebook page. You must be logged into your personal Facebook account in a separate window.
Click Connect Facebook page
Authorize the pop-up to continue as You. For security, Facebook will alllow posting permission through your account but will NOT post to your personal Facebook page.
Select which page you'd like to recieve your daily posts from Outreach Social.
Click Finish and Get First Post
You'll recieve your first post within 5 minutes

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