Facebook has some sensitive security measures, so if your Facebook password is changed or an admin is removed from your account, Facebook will invalidate the API Outreach Social posts through. Luckily, it's easy to get your posts up and running again. You'll just need to reconnect your page on your social schedule, like rebooting a computer.

Log in to Facebook.com here: https://www.facebook.com
(This allows Facebook to know who you are when you sign in to Outreach Digital)

Log in to your Outreach Digital account here: https://digital.outreach.com/login

On the homepage, click the gray "Manage" button under your social schedule that is no longer posting.

Under "Social Media Integrations" you should see your church's disconnected Facebook page with a red "Reconnect" button underneath the "Status" column. Click "Reconnect".

Facebook may ask you to authorize Outreach Digital to post on your behalf. If a popup appears, click "Allow".

Your page should now be reconnected! If you'd like to confirm and receive a post for today, please contact our team using the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page, and we'll push out a post for you to confirm that your page is reconnected.
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